About StoryRidge Marketing

You deserve the time to focus on what only you can do for your small business to grow, nurture your team, and move forward. We’re here to help by promising to listen well, respond quickly, and follow through.

Our Simple Marketing Strategies for Growth

✓ Sales Funnels

Moving potential clients through a clean, actionable sales funnel requires the right elements on the page and the right words to stimulate action. Every page of your website needs to sell. But it doesn’t stop there; the funnel continues through lead generation and email nurture campaigns. We’re here to help you create new, or enhance your existing sales funnels.

✓ Website Performance Assessment and Recommendations

An hour of tactical research on your website’s performance against web-standard performance in speed, visibility, lead generation, and overall performance with at least 5 developer-ready recommendations for improvement.

✓ Marketing Assessment and Recommendations

We’ll spend time with you reviewing your present online marketing strategies and help determine your next, right steps.

✓ Marketing Strategy Sessions

Online or Onsite marketing strategy sessions to bring you, and your team, to a consensus on a clear message for a brand or revenue stream, including mission and value statements. We will create an outline that you can hand to your marketing team or web developer.

✓ Lead Generating PDF and Email Nurture Campaign

The fastest way to generate leads that convert to sales is with direct, short email campaigns based on providing information that your customers want. Sending a quick burst of follow-up emails will help fill your pipeline for future sales.

✓ Email Campaigns

For nurture, direction, or just staying in touch. We’ll craft emails with customized content and cadence to match your product or services to your target client. And we’ll coach on deliverability. After all, the content of an email doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make it to an inbox.

✓ Landing Pages and Copywriting

Every project is unique, and we promise to give you SEO-rich, readable copy and quick, effective landing pages, sales funnels, and any communication. Do your company’s outgoing emails need a lift?  Does your mission statement need some editing? Do you need fresh website content? We can help.

✓ Web Development Partners

A great website should not cost a fortune. Get a good, clean, online presence that works while you sleep AND speaks directly to your customers. We will partner with your web developer or marketing department. We will help you find excellent and trustworthy partners in all things marketing through our extensive network of proven professionals.

If we’re the right fit for your project, StoryRidge can develop and maintain your website.

Who is StoryRidge Marketing?

As a team, we’ve been building and improving websites for local and national organizations since 1998. In 2019, we reorganized our work and company to better serve our long-term customers and to focus on helping other small businesses and non-profits make the most of their marketing investment.

Debra Friend, StoryBrand Certified Guide

Debra Friend
Strategy | Content | StoryBrand Certified Guide

Jeffrey Friend

Jeffrey Friend
Digital Performance | Development Specialist

We lean on the StoryBrand framework to deliver a proven and simple marketing strategy that gets results.

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